Strategy: Priorities

  • We develop (or refresh) citizenship priorities and signature programs in alignment with brand, business goals, and key stakeholder objectives. 
  • We create actionable strategies to guide issue leadership, citizenship investments, and employee and/or stakeholder engagement programs.
  • We advise on international giving in compliance with U.S. laws and regulations, and train internal teams on best practices.
  • We evaluate and recommend whether it makes sense to form (or keep) a company private foundation.

Why it matters

When citizenship priorities are deliberate, specific, and aligned with an organization’s purpose and values, they will resonate more strongly with employees and other stakeholders and result in greater engagement.

When an organization selects priorities that are aligned, stakeholders often find them to be more memorable, it positions leaders more favorably, and it allows companies to amplify their social performance more easily.

Clear and specific priorities also help executives and employees to genuinely engage in community service roles, exerting leadership and advancing progress.

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