Who we are

We are versatile external affairs professionals with deep specialization in corporate citizenship, community engagement, philanthropy, and stakeholder engagement programs.​

years combined professional experience

years leading & executing philanthropic strategy

years growing stakeholder & employee engagement

years reducing risk and streamlining operations

years building & achieving top-tier ESG performance

years developing & implementing impact measurement

What we do

We unlock value, measure impact, and achieve next-level social performance.

Why it matters

A strong strategy, carefully constructed engagement programs, appropriate governance with supporting infrastructure, are necessary to improving social performance and impact.

When community investment priorities align naturally with purpose and values, engagement increases, leadership is more effective, and an organization can grow its influence, market position, and reputation.

We know the path

We align citizenship priorities with vision, mission, values, and both business and global goals.

We reduce risk

We operationalize strategy, reduce risk, strengthen governance, engage employees, and position leaders.

We maximize impact

We create programs and systems to measure, aggregate, and communicate social impact over time. 

We know what works

And what doesn't, because we have actually done it.

We can drive next-level performance

We build concise frameworks and message mapping to guide communications.