Engagement matters

On an ongoing basis, organizations receive feedback in a variety of ways. 

Employees may participate in engagement surveys, events, webinars, or other communications forums. They might engage in community service or participate in internal committees or groups, providing valuable feedback on their experiences.

Customers may participate in satisfaction surveys or serve on customer advisory panels. Community and business leaders may provide suggestions on proposed projects or business initiatives. Policymakers might ask for changes or insight into business plans or issues. Suppliers also often wish to have a voice on matters of relevance.

Incorporating stakeholder input into business decisions and activities helps employers to better serve customers and communities. And when key stakeholders are invited to have input and share ideas, engagement and trust increases. 


Well-designed workplace programs, properly promoted, can give employees a sense of purpose and belonging.


Employee and executive engagement in community service drives learning and leadership development.


Stakeholder engagement ensures input and feedback that can drive greater interest and support over time.