Infrastructure: Systems & Workflow

  • We analyze public policy goals, company values and commitments, and recommend an annual budgeting process that is stable and predictable, yet also ¬†flexible.
  • We create solid due diligence, vetting, and compliance processes, improving workflow, record-keeping, and documentation, while reducing risk.
  • We recommend right-sized staffing and team roles to fulfill on an organization’s size, program scope, and breadth of commitment.

Why it matters

When a company budgets and staffs for corporate citizenship, it should be in alignment with its size, scope and public policy aims. Its systems, processes, and workflow should be sound and documentation solid.

Technology and systems play a critical role when it comes to efficiency improvement, automating some of the steps, and enhancing record-keeping and reporting capabilities.

Articulating workflow steps and documenting processes also serves to reduce errors and improve efficiency. This can become particularly meaningful during times of reorganization, turnover, or key staff changes.

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